acrylic / stretcher frame / 50x70cm / 2010



In the courtyard, bewitched by milky twilight,
Through autumn-bronze gentle sick people glide.
Their waxy-round gaze ponders golden times,
Fulfilled with daydream and rest and wine.

Their wasting illness shuts itself in ghostly.
The stars spread white sadness.
In grayness, fulfilled by deception and ringing,
See, how the frightful ones scatter in confusion.

Formless figures of ridicule they shoo, crouch down
And flutter on black-crossed paths.
O! mournful shadows on the walls.

The others escape through darkening arcades,
And at night they fall from red showers
Of the star-wind, like raging Maenads.

Georg Trakl, 1887-1914


Title Dusk
Year 2010
Technique Acrylic
Medium Canvas
Framed No
Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm x 2cm