The Picket Fence

The Picket Fence

crayon / paper / 30x42cm / 2010


The Picket Fence

One time there was a picket fence
with space to gaze from hence to thence.

An architect who saw this sight
approached it suddenly one night,

removed the spaces from the fence,
and built of them a residence.

The picket fence stood there dumbfounded
with pickets wholly unsurrounded,

a view so loathsome and obscene,
the Senate had to intervene.

The architect, however, flew
to Afri- or Americoo.

Christian Morgenstern, 1871-1914


Title The Picket Fence
Year 2010
Technique Crayon
Medium Paper
Framed No
Dimensions: 30cm x 42cm x 0.5cm