Both of Them

Both of Them

acrylic / stretcher frame / 30x40cm / 2008


Both of Them

She carried the cup in her hand
— Her chin and mouth like its rim —
So light and certain was her step
That from the cup no drops leapt.

His hand was just as light and sure:
He rode atop a young horse and,
With an easy, offhand gesture,
Made it, trembling, stop and stand.

And yet, when he was to take
The light cup from her hand,
It was too difficult for them both:
For both shook with such matter
That neither hand found the other
And dark wine ran upon the ground.

Hugo von Hofmannsthal, 1874-1929


Title Both of Them
Year 2008
Technique Acrylic
Medium Canvas
Framed No
Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm x 2cm
Weight: 0.3 kg